June Waves

There’s nothing like a trip to the beach
to put you at ease.
Golden sand, calming waves, how can you not enjoy that Pacific breeze.
No matter your purpose, you’re bound to have fun.
Fishing, surfing, tanning under the bright and warm sun.
If you find yourself on the West make it a goal to cruise down the 1,
coastal beauty at it’s finest , enjoyable for everyone.

14th Factory

As my friend Vanessa and I were headed to 14th Factory, a massive pop-up art space in the industrial area of Lincoln Heights, we weren’t quite sure if we were headed in the right direction being that everything around us was completely abandoned.

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First Friday in May

On the first Friday of every month Oakland’s Telegraph Ave transforms into one of the liveliest Ave’s in the East Bay. The festival draws in thousands of people from all over the Bay Area giving them the opportunity to experience live music, art, fashion, delicious food, and in all good vibes from local residents. Continue reading