Quiet but outgoing, adventurer and daydreamer, cultural anthropologist at heart. I made my move to the Big Apple in the fall of 2012 and decided to launch this blog to document the new experiences and adventures I was indulging in.

First serving as a sort of NYC diary, I eventually began blogging about the different states and countries I was visiting while living on the east coast.  Since my official move back to California right before the New Year, 2017, I decided to change my blog name from Cali Girl in the Big Apple to Postcards & Pumps. Now based in the Golden State my content will mostly focus on adventures here but don’t fret, any trip I make outside of CA I’ll be sure to document.

For those of you that know me, it is very likely that during your travels I have asked you to either send me or buy me a postcard. I started collecting postcards when I was a little girl and have always found just the perfect card to summarize my journey no matter the location. Inexpensive, light, and unique, you can’t go wrong with this souvenir. You may be asking, what about Pumps? Well, I have walked on cobble stone, hot sand, snow, damp forests, you name it in all kinds of shoes, one of the pairs being pumps. Each pair of shoes that I have walked in during my adventures only contributes to my experiences and many unforgettable moments. There you have it, the birth of Postcards & Pumps. I hope you enjoy.

“step into my shoes”